RE/MAX of Georgia

History of RE/MAX in Georgia


No matter where you are in Georgia — Macon, Savannah, Atlanta, or anywhere in-between — the highly-skilled agents of RE/MAX Georgia are ready to assist in any capacity with every one of your real estate needs.


In order to achieve a better sense of where we come from and why we do what we do, the following is the history of RE/MAX International.


The RE/MAX Origin and What “RE/MAX” Means

The meaning of the acronym “RE/MAX” reflects the intents and ambitions of company founders Dave and Gail Liniger: “RE/MAX” stands for Real Estate Maximums.


Back in 1973, the commission-split model between agents and brokers was far from fair to agents. Dave and Gail knew this and wanted to incite change. After all, the commission-split model forced agents to give up 50% of all their earnings just for the use of office space and related provided services.


With these stipulations in place, the system was skewed into making real estate professionals appear as if they were rookie part-time employees.


The Linigers were having none of it. They knew that the top professionals yearned for fairness — the chance to earn all of their commissions, so long as they had a share in providing for management services and overhead expenses. Dave and Gail understood that real estate agents would provide unparalleled service in return for the opportunity to achieve the maximum commission amount.


It was a forward-thinking concept— revolutionary, really. Many either didn’t believe or didn't want to believe it could work, but it did. This forever changed the agent-broker relationship and shook the entire industry.


Exponential Growth and a Bright Future

Still today, RE/MAX continues to keep the industry on its toes through their sublime sales force and forward-thinking policies.


RE/MAX University, formerly RE/MAX Satellite Network, was introduced to provide continuing education and training to RE/MAX agents. Additional services were also introduced that include commercial investment, intranet and Internet web sites, relocation and asset management, training on new technological tools, and an international referral network. All these development programs help to ensure that RE/MAX members stay ahead of the game.


The now globally-recognized company continues to blaze new paths in the industry through growth outside of the United States. RE/MAX has a presence in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, South America, and Mexico, and it is now the largest real estate presence in Canada. In fact, the sum of RE/MAX’s global presence makes it the largest real estate franchise sales organization on the planet.


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